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Braehead School
Braehead Secondary School
Buckhaven, Fife. Scotland

Braehead taken from top of West High Street
Images of the Braehead building through the ages
The two images at top of page show the Braehead School site,
whilst the two image's below show the site today.

View of site after school has gone

View of site after school has gone

Press on the photo of the school gym and get an insight
into what the gym interior looks like today.
press here for interiors of old school gym
The school gym still exists and is looking in pretty good shape,
as it did when in use back in the Braehead days.
Below is a shot of the hut behind the gym
(looks more like Fort Knox - where have the windows gone?)
huts at the rear of the old school gym

Deas the Bakers - Taken in 1999
Deas the baker changes hands to Lawrence Monighan
Another building that still survives to this day is Deas the bakers.
(picture 2 above, shows the shop which is situated to the right of the
old school gym). Although it should be noted that since I took this picture
the shop has now changed hands. (Image directly above taken on the
weekend of 8/9th November 2001).

One of the big treats was being able to go over and buy yesterday's cakes
at a knock down price. Soon stopped by those wonderful health and safety people.
 I still have warm memories of those cakes from Deas.