braehead school badge
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The school badge tells the story of Buckhaven,  The early settlers came from the Netherlands, some as adventure's and some as political refugee's.  The lion was copied from a Dutch Ge'lAer and represents the connections with the Netherlands.  They brought with them their crafts for living, probably the more significant being weaving and fishing.  The square forming the background of the badge is symbolic of the simplest type of weaving - tabby weaving. During this century, the discovery of mining of coal has taken over the lives of the people in this area. In similar way the wheel and winding tower are symbolic of this industry and therefore dominates the badge.  At the base of the design the fish lends its obvious decoration, in memory of Buckhaven as a fishing port and also because you get fossils up and down on the beach. But it is also a reminder that one must probe beyond the surface to find real values.

  • They may be obtained from the Secretary in the office

    (extract from the Braehead News)

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