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Braehead School Gym
Exterior and interior shots

The School Gym from College Street

Interior shots of the old school gym were taken on the
weekend 8/9th December 2001

Above and below looking towards where the 'stage' would have once been found. The brickwork has been done up and looks really good.

School gym interior looking towards entrance

School gym looking towards College Street end

Above, looking towards the College Street end of the gym. Liz can be seen just in the corner of this shot (sorry!) and says that she thought there was some sort of projector room at that end of the gym.

Below, the original gym roof can be seen.

School gym interior - roof beams

School gym interiors - the changing rooms

Above a veiw of the changing rooms, as far as I know they are in the same place that they would have been in the Braehead days.
Below is a shot of what is now called the meeting room. What did we use it for?

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