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The Pupils:
Where are they now? This will be your story of what the 'Braehead'
experience meant to you, both then and now.

Below is a list of pupils. Want to add your name to the list? Or know where and what someone on the list is doing then please get in touch.
It is hoped that this list can be used by people who want to re-connect with old school friends who they may not have seen for years.

Your name on the list, got an e-mail address? Then send it to me and it will be listed with your name so others can contact you.

Pupil interview links will appear here eventually or you will be directed to the appropriate page for the links... watch this space!


Pupil name

Where are they? What are they doing?



Cation Brian

School Technician Glenwood

Lister Bill

School Technician Kirkland High

Aly Ballingall

in Tayside - Station Manager, Radio Tay

Scott James


Ian Stewart


Foster Colin


Selby Dennis


Warender George


Bathgate Robert

in Stafford



Tom Izatt


Davis Eason


John Greig


Archie Strong


Tommy Cameron


Les Pattie


Lena Ford


Bill Simpson


George Cunningham


John Christie


Brian Murdoch




James Comrie


Andrew Hamilton


Brian Thomson


Helen Smith


David Brown


Marina Brown


Mike Smith


Ian Moreland


Andrew Patterson


Bob Aitken


Ronnie Skinner


Alex Blues

Ambulance Driver, lives in Dalgety Bay

Eck Rollo


David McNab


Ann Winning


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